“If you don’t know what you are doing,
you can’t do what you want.”

(Moshe Feldenkrais)

About the Feldenkrais Method

Moshé Feldenkrais assumes that every person, regardless of their age, can enhance the quality of his life by becoming aware of their movement. This is not about fitness in the sense of gymnastics, as the title of the book of the same name suggests: “discovering the elusive obvious“; realizing what you really do, how you move. Strength, flexibility, resistance or coordination are not practiced, instead there is experimenting with what is possible and self-evident, and with the perception of movement. Not powerful, but quasi “intelligent” movements can be learned, which can have the side effect that you retain your strength, flexibility, and coordination. In this way, everyday life can be developed into a constant “experiment”, the well-known can be redeveloped.

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About myself

I have lived in Cairo, Egypt and in the last 5 years in Sofia, Bulgaria – together with my wonderful husband and our three amazing adult children. One of them lives in Japan with his Japanese wife and children. In November 2019 we came to Kyoto to live here for the next 6 years.

I’ve been practising Feldenkrais since many years, and became a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, obtained my Feldenkrais certification in 2018.

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Photo by Paul Wade Crouse


“I was introduced into Feldenkrais method by Elizabeth Wetzel a couple of years ago. Since then I had both group and individual lessons. My neck definitely changed for better. A bit of my attitudes towards movement and towards myself – too. Amazing stuff.’’
Rumen Petrov, MD, PhD

“I started doing Feldenkrais lessons after trauma that caused me severe tension and restrictions. The group practice and the individual lessons had been truly transformative! I have been slowly regaining freedom of movement which also affects all other aspects of my life.”
Valentin, Sofia

First time I met Elizabeth at the beginning of 2019. I think that regarding to my health, mental and physical, this was the most significant event in my life. At that time I had neck and back pain, numbness of my hands, and hopeless diagnosis fibromyalgia. I am a medical doctor – anesthesia and intensive care specialist – I knew how bad was the prognosis of my quality of life if I started conventional treatment and that’s why I was desperate and depressed. After a first group lesson Elizabeth started FI session with me. I was so surprised. I felt fantastic after every other session. Gradually I started to make changes step by step in my life and to get rid from aching, back and neck pain and numbness. First time I met such a different approach – treatment from body to mind. After Elisabeth moved to Japan end of 2019 we continued lessons online once a week and I’m still making further significant improvement. Thanks to Elizabeth and her priceless knowledge now I can move freely without pain, I can enjoy movement of my body, I can dance, run, hiking, riding bicycle, and most important I can enjoy my life, I feel relaxed, stable and confident in myself. I am happier with no pain in my body, with good gait and posture. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. God bless you.
Vesselina, Sofia

Lessons – Schedule

The sessions last about 45-60 minutes. Active phases and pauses alternate so that the nervous system has time to save the experiences. No special equipment, just comfortable clothes in layers and socks are all you need.

In group lessons I guide your movements only with words, so there is no need to struggle trying to copy the teacher’s movements and no ideal to strive for. Instead you’ll have plenty of time to sense into yourself, and to discover your own inner world by yourself. Usually lying down, sometimes sitting or walking, movements with a specific reference to everyday life are explored.

Individual lessons can be given on zoom and – preferably – in my studio. Just contact me and make a first appointment. After 3 or 4 sessions – and likely sooner – you will know and I will know if this way of working is for you.

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Weekly presence lessons: every Thursday 6pm
Venue: Kyotoshi Kaikan Sakyo tobu Ikiiki Shimin Katsudo Center, Room Nr 3
Address: 3-2 Shishigatani Takagishicho Sakyo Ward Kyoto, 606-8432
Please register per mail: elisabeth.wetzel@gmx.de

Weekly zoom lessons: Monday 6pm and Thursday 4pm
Register per mail, and get payment details. When I receive your payment, I will send you the Zoom link. Registration for 10 lessons in advance required.

1300,- Yen for 1 lesson
12000,- Yen for 10 lessons

Presence lessons can be paid at the beginning of each lesson, for zoom lessons payment of 10 lessons in advance required.

You can combine presence and zoom lessons: if you missed your weekly presence class, participate on zoom and the other way round.

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phone: 080 62 04 14 23