Less strain, more gain

Are you fed up with your pain
and would like to do something about it?

It often seems as if people have gotten stuck doing a movement or holding themselves, unconsciously, in certain way. For instance, if you injure your leg, you change how you walk and you begin to limp. The limp may be appropriate immediately after an injury, but it can last much longer than the injury. If it continues longer than it’s needed, it can lead directly to pain, stiffness, and other problems. But that’s just one example; you can limp with your shoulder, your neck, or your back. Indeed, you don’t have to injure yourself to develop this kind of movement. Maybe just think about wearing shoes all the time …. You can acquire a similar habit playing a musical instrument, repeating work movements day in and day out, playing certain sports, and so on. The key is that you develop a movement pattern you get stuck with, a pattern that underlies every movement and interferes with any activity that runs counter to it.

The good news is: our brain can be reshaped, in other words: lost functions can be relearned. It’s a ”change through perception“. Parts of the body that are habitually doing too much work find relaxation, while those that are not doing their job are activated. So all body parts find a harmonious interaction. Feldenkrais teachers do not give formulas for a proper way of behaving; rather, we rely on our patients’ ability to self-discover and self-correct. By discovering your counterproductive habits, you are given the opportunity to experience alternative movements, postures and behaviors and, through practice, create new habits that are less likely to cause pain.