The sessions last about 45-60 minutes. Active phases and pauses alternate so that the nervous system has time to save the experiences. No special equipment, just comfortable clothes in layers and socks are all you need.

In group lessons I guide your movements only with words, so there is no need to struggle trying to copy the teacher’s movements and no ideal to strive for. Instead you’ll have plenty of time to sense into yourself, and to discover your own inner world by yourself. Usually lying down, sometimes sitting or walking, movements with a specific reference to everyday life are explored. For group lessons, please wear comfortable, warm everyday clothing and bring a blanket and thick socks.

“… try to lie and think about what we are going to do. Think that we will do it as a game, without trying for it to be good or beautiful. Not fast and not powerfully; simply do and see the outcome later. Decide now that all we do, we will do with movements like the ones that are prohibited in schools – as if to waste the time, not in order to accomplish anything, or so it will not succeed.“

Moshe Feldenkrais

Individual lessons can be given on zoom and – if you live in Japan – in my studio. Just contact me and make a first appointment. After 3 or 4 sessions – and likely sooner – you will know and I will know if this way of working is for you. I give you the opportunity to perceive how you organise yourself in motion by means of fine touches and movements. You will learn to reorganise yourself in a new and effective way, to move more easily, more comfortably and more gracefully. For individual lessons please wear as well comfortable, warm everyday clothing with long sleeves.


presence lessons:

Thursdays 7pm – 8pm

  • 2023 2.23
  • 2023 3.2
  • 2023 3.9
  • 2023 3.16
  • 2023 3.23
  • 2023 3.30

Place: Sakyo Seibu Iki Iki Center 

〒606-8201 京都市左京区田中玄京町149

participation fee 1300,-Yen per evening. 7000,- for the whole series. 

If you miss an evening, you can alternately participate in my:

zoom class every Thursday 5pm (Kyoto time zone)

register …


or connect via facebook messenger: Elisabeth Wetzel